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GRIT OYSTER FINAL 18_edited.jpg

GRIT OYSTER - I co-directed this experimental short film with Rebecca Lloyd Evans. The return of the Goddess Astarte triggers an exploration of female sexuality through the personal fantasies of three women. Commissioned by Uncertain Kingdom,

Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 16.46.27.jpeg

BLUE BAG LIFE - Artist, lecturer and filmmaker Lisa Selby turns the camera on herself and her attempts to understand her relationship with both her late mother and incarcerated partner — both heroin addicts — which in turn lead to an exploration of her own feelings about becoming a mother. Sensitively constructed from a lifetime of material assembled by Selby and a collective of filmmakers including director Rebecca Lloyd-Evans and director/editor Alex Fry, it’s raw, honest and immersive filmmaking. WINNER, AUDIENCE AWARD FOR BEST FEATURE, LONDON FILM FESTIVAL 2022

YES SURE 2.jpeg

YES, SURE - A Psych-Geographic exploration of memory, class, and changing physical landscape in a corner of London over several decades. The film searches for new ways to play with the complex relationship between language, image, and sound, to create a poetic grammar that tries to mimic the processes of the mind as it travels through evocative spaces. The film was shown at Modern Art Oxford in 2018

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