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UK artist and film-maker Lisa Selby turns the camera on herself as she tries to understand her relationships with her late mother and her partner, both heroin addicts. WINNER, AUDIENCE AWARD LONDON FILM FESTIVAL. NOMINATED, BEST DEBUT DIRECTOR BAFTA'S 2023

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Hiding in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea lies a dark secret. If true, the Greek islands have become much more than a sun-drenched paradise for those living the holiday dream. There are dark rumours of EU-funded boats carrying masked men, people being rounded up on land, forced onto coast guard boats and then abandoned in flimsy rubber dinghies at sea. There are multiple cases of people subsequently losing their lives. Are these masked men responsible? Against this troubling background, in June 2023, an overloaded trawler flips in front of a Greek coast guard patrol boat. More than 600 men, women and children die in the water. A billionaire’s super yacht takes survivors to shore. The accounts of these survivors suggest that coast guard is at fault – something the Greek authorities deny. BBC2. Dir. Ben Steele.


A feature-length documentary about the UK’s complicated relationship with its migrant . communities. The film focuses on the impact of the evolving ‘hostile environment’ policies, which are designed to make living conditions so difficult for migrants that they voluntarily leave the country. What does it feel like to be told you don’t belong? This film seeks to hear these voices and inspire viewers to take action to create long-term change. Longlisted for 3 BIFA Awards – Best Debut Director Best Documentary and Raindance Discovery Award Finalist – South London Film Festival Feature Doc Official Selection – Cambridge Film Festival 2021 Official Selection – Raindance Film Festival 2021

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Inner cities are little war zones in which seemingly pointless postcode battles are fought. Penny Woolcock’s film focuses on two extraordinary individuals from rival gangs. They have decided it is time to stop the killing. This Feature length film gets close to the young men who are right at the heart of British gang violence and who wish to change things from the inside out. Rareday, CH4 & Screen West Midlands. dir Penny Woolcock, 2013. WINNER OF THE MICHAEL POWELL AWARD AT THE EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL 2012

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Using decades of archival footage of the British coast from the BFI National Archive and presents it as a stunning, feature length, poetic cinematic experience, directed by Penny Woolcock, with a live musical score composed and performed by British Sea Power. Sheffield Doc/Fest, BFI London, BBC Storyville, June 2012. NOMINATED FOR A BULLDOG AWARD FOR BEST EDITING 2013.


An ambitious series of single documentaries, each one examining a high profile Hate Crime case in America.The first film, 'Double Lives', premiered at Sheffield Doc Fest. A young man is led into a Mississippi court and sentenced to life for the savage murder of the woman he loved. In prison, his story slowly unravels as his own past is unmasked. This is the story of a crime of passion and prejudice told by a man tortured by his own actions. A morality tale of modern America. 5 episodes, BBC 3. Dir Ben Steele NOMINATED FOR A GRIERSON AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY SERIES. WINNER - BEST DOCUMENTARY SERIES, BROADCAST DIGITAL AWARDS 2018.


An uncompromising journey into the hidden world of dog fighting, which deepens to examine our inconsistent attitudes to animal welfare. Dir Penny Woolcock for CH4 - Latimer Films TX - Sept 2014

Filmed over two years by Leo Regan this feature length documentary follows controversial doctor David Southall as he attempts to clear his name following a long term campaign waged by mothers who claim he wrongfully accused them of having the condition Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Rareday C,H4 Dir. Leo Regan.


A feature length exploration of homelessness in London. While making the film, Penny Woolcock realised that the very real problems of homeless people have very little to do with the lack of a roof over their heads or a bed to sleep in. Their problems come from their past lives - and are less easy to remedy. Despite the efforts of different charities to move people into homes, the streets are often where they feel safe and what they know best. In this moving documentary, Woolcock gives the seen-but-unheard residents of London's streets a voice. Blast! for BBC4. Dir. Penny Woolcock. TX Nov 2010. WINNER OF THE LIBERTY HUMAN RIGHTS ARTS AWARD 2011


Filmed over 12 months, with unprecedented access, this landmark film follows the English National Opera as they pursue the challenge of staging Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem. One of the greatest British choral works of the 20th Century, War Requiem is seen by many as a true masterpiece. Channel 4, 2019. Dir Tanya Stephan. Speakit Films.


This feature length documentary captures the inside story of Farage’s doomed attempt to persuade Johnson to join a Leavers’ Alliance with him, a flirtation that quickly turns sour. There are threats and claims of bribery and bullying as “The Establishment” slams the door in his face with only his friend Donald Trump dramatically dialling in to fight his corner. This close-up portrait of the UK’s leading populist charts his influence in changing our politics, many would say for the worse, and is with him as the wheels come off his campaign in spectacular fashion. Dir Christian Trumble, Rogan Productions. Channel 4, 202o

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More people have climbed Everest than swum the Channel between England and France - twenty one miles of perilous sea. 
With a moving musical score from Damon Albarn and the Electric Wave Bureau, this heartwarming documentary profiles the modern day endurance swimming community and the unlikeliest of athletes who risk it all. A story of those who seek to push their limits. Dir. Steph Keelan. BBC4 2016. NOMINATED FOR A BROADCAST BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD

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In ‘Out Of The Rubble’ Penny Woolcock shows how planners grappled with the grimmest poverty imaginable in the post-war era, from Brixton to Glasgow, Islington to Birmingham, believing that tower blocks would transform the lives of those living in decaying slums. She follows the cycle of optimism, building and eventual decline. Film4, 2016.

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